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Find your flight information at your fingertips. Flight Status provides up-to-date flight information from airports and airlines that you can also share with your friends and families. Just choose the Flight Status menu on your Traveloka App homepage, fill in the flight route and date or the flight code, click See Status, then you will be able to see the flight’s current status, including. Find the cheapest flights and airline tickets online with Traveloka MY! Search and compare flights from Malaysia Airlines, AirAsia, Malindo Air, Cathay Pacific, and other airlines for the best air ticket prices. Reliable flight search Cheap flight tickets Fast & easy flight booking No hidden fees.

Traveloka is one of the leading flight and hotel booking platforms in Southeast Asia with over 100,000 flight routes offered and more than 100,000 hotels across the map. Traveloka gives you the best of both services, right from your fingertips. Traveloka is Indonesia's no. 1 flight & hotel booking website. All flight fares and hotel rates listed on Traveloka have been analyzed and processed through official source networks. Partner with Traveloka. is the solution for all your travel needs, from flights, hotels, trains, bus, activities, car rental, restaurants, etc. JAKARTA, 4 March 2019-AirAsia has decided to permanently withdraw sales of its flights from online travel agent Traveloka. The withdrawal covers all flight routes across the AirAsia network. This follows the unexplained disappearance of AirAsia Indonesia flights from Traveloka for the second time in the past two weeks. AirAsia Indonesia President Director Dendy Kurniawan said, “The omission.

Traveloka Flight Airasia

AirAsia is the largest low-cost airline in Southeast Asia, with a headquarter in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Ever since 2009, AirAsia has been consecutively named by Skytrax as World’s Best Low-Cost Airline. Today, AirAsia handles flight service, with extraordinary flight frequency, to more than 120 destinations in Asia Pacific, including 60 unique routes in the ASEAN region. Traveloka, one of the leading flight booking platforms in Southeast Asia, has over 100,000 flight routes to choose from. Traveloka offers flight tickets from domestic and international airlines including Philippine Airlines, AirAsia, Jetstar, Scoot, Qatar Airways, Cathay Pacific, Singapore Airlines, and more. เช็คราคาตั๋วเแอร์เอเชีย จองตั๋วแอร์เอเชีย Airasia ราคาถูกกว่า ประหยัดกว่า จองตั๋วเครื่องบินราคาถูก กับ Traveloka เช็คโปรโมชั่น และค้นหาตั๋ว. Book online with AirAsia to enjoy flights at the lowest fares to 150 destinations, and choice of 500k hotels and 10k activities to perfect your trips!

SEPANG, 4 March 2019 - AirAsia has decided to permanently withdraw sales of its flights from online travel agent Traveloka, across all routes in its network. Guests with AirAsia bookings made via Traveloka may add baggage allowance, hot meals or make seat selections at For guests who wish to make a flight change, booking details change, seek a refund or link their AirAsia. KUALA LUMPUR: AirAsia has withdrawn all its flights from Indonesian travel aggregator Traveloka following the "unexplained disappearance" of AirAsia Indonesia flights from the site for the second.

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